The Global Game Changer pouring the African Spirit into the World


To Build Brilliant African Brands & Global Brands that- Inspire greatness- Celebrate life and - Create happy moments everyday

Our Core Values

Team Work and collaboration

We are part of a team committed to working together across companies. Only by sharing ideas, technologies and talents can the Group achieve and sustain profitable growth

Keeping Commitment

We believe that following through on promises is the best way to maintain credibility with colleagues, employees and customers

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to getting better every day in all we do, as individuals and as teams. By better understanding customers, their expectations and continuously working to innovate and improve products, services and processes, we will become the best.

Respect and fairness

We appreciate our diversity and differences in opinions and believe that respect – for our colleagues, customers, partners and all those with whom we interact – is essential to productive business relationships.


We are undaunted by tough challenges, realistic about what is possible, optimistic about seizing opportunities. We have the courage to say what we think is right, the integrity to stick to our principles and the tenacity to see it through.


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