Cool Twista: Innovation in Packaging

Having pioneered the sale of alcoholic beverages in 20cl PET bottles and 3cl sachets, Grand Oak Limited (GOL) is now offering its beverages in the Cool Twista range of packaging. Cool Twista deploys a unique single fill technology and comes in a stylish and trendy pack.

With Cool Twista, GOL enables the on-the-go customer to add a twist to their day and enjoy their preferred beverages. GOL has also invested in one of the world's best-in-class technologies to offer consumers a memorable drinking experience.

Scratch Seal PIN: The Fight Against Counterfeit Packaging

The new Lord’s Dry Gin comes with a scratch sticker on the bottle cap which contains a PIN. By simply messaging this PIN to the number given on the bottle, customers can confirm the originality of the bottle.

GOL has launched the campaign to protect its customers from counterfeit packaging. The immense popularity of Lord’s Dry Gin in the market since its introduction has also become a source of envy from counterfeiters. To protect the brand, the company will be unveiling more innovative ways to safeguard the consumer from counterfeit products. The bottle seal is unique and has been approved by NAFDAC.


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